Amazing Discoveries And Lost Cities Of The Dead – AD0801

Egypt The Birthplace Of The Bible Has The Answers To Life’s Three Big Questions. Where I Came From? Why I’m Here? And Where I am Going?

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The Holy Spirit Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth – LW1102

Who Or What Is The Holy Spirit? How Can I Know If I Have Committed The Sin Against Him That Not Even God Can Forgive? How Can I Be Filled…

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The Gathering Storm – LW1103

We Are About to Enter A Tremendous Storm With Great Waves, Fierce Winds, Blazing Lightning And Roaring Thunder. Are We Ready?

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Beating America’s Great Health Crisis – LW1003

How To Beat America’s Great Health Crisis Without Spending A Dime.

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The Way Home – LW1108

f There Is A Home And The Best Is Yet To Be, How Can I Get There? Are The Promises Of God For Me?

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Jim And John – John Carter Talks To Jim Gilley – LW1109

John Carter Interviews The President Of Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Dr. James Gilley

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Joy In Your Presence – LW1110

Atheists, Cynics And Unbelievers Don’t Have It; But You Do When You Receive The Amazing Good News Of Jesus Christ.

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The Old Violin – LW1111

God Is In The Business Of Transforming Lives By The Power Of His Love.

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How Do I Really Know There Is A God? – The Carter Report

Vladima From Russia Asks About The Existence Of God.

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