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Dear Friend, WE WILL NOT FEAR THE CORONAVIRUS. Millions, even billions around the world are…


Dear friend of mine, When the President visits a foreign country, he is greeted by…

As a late Autumn storm causes the fruit that survived Summer to fall to the earth, so old friends are dropping all around me. I wonder who will be next, as I ponder my own mortality.

April 2019

Dear fellow Pilgrim,

Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus our Lord. In Him alone we have the forgiveness of sins, and the assurance of life everlasting. He is the One who upholds the mighty universe by the power of His Word. Without His knowledge and permission not one sparrow falls to the ground. He rules in the affairs of men and bends all things to His will. Wicked rulers are putty in His hands. He permits the rolling waves of lawlessness to go only so far as they crash against the rocks of His sovereignty.

You dear child of God are never alone, never forgotten, never forsaken. You are the focus of His attention. He gives to you the undivided resources of His infinite mind. He can hold in His gaze and contemplation a zillion souls at one moment in time, and yet give to each individual the attention that youthful ardent lovers give to each other.

God is not like us. He is very big, very old, very young, very powerful, very patient, very wise, very intelligent, very kind, and very good. He is a trillion times better than the person you admire the most. He has emotions like us. He is a real person. He can sing for joy, and sometimes He cries when He tastes the pain that sin has made.

This “sin thing” is not a part of His doing. It resulted when a third of His children decided they were smarter than He was, and embarked on a journey of, “my way” experimentation. The human race has been singing Frank Sinatra’s, “I did it my way,” for a very long time now. They have finally reached the stage where they are destroying the planet. Humans once made in His image are running out of options as they face annihilation.

But God. That is the one great comfort. But God. He is not finished with us yet. He has a plan. His big plan went into overdrive when He decided to join us. He actually became a human. He was born in the same way we are born. With pain and discomfort. In a shed at the back of a run-down motel in an average little town, a million miles from Rodeo Drive.

It’s almost too hard to believe, but it’s true. He is coming back. He has a rescue plan. He is returning to the battle field (Hacksaw Ridge) where He died on a horrible Roman cross for our sins. It’s almost too hard to believe, but it’s true.

Today He is thinking about you. He is thinking about your worries, your family, all the things you need to get done today. He especially enjoys imagining how happy you will be when you finally get home and He throws open the door and says, “Welcome home.” He has written your new name on the door of the place Jesus called, “The Father’s House.”

All this is true. These few words I have written are a synopsis of what I have studied for more than 60 years in His book, the holy Bible. These truths are what sustain me. They give me light in darkness, and comfort when I hear the news that another old friend has died. Safe in Christ. Glory at the Homecoming. No more tears.

It is my hope today that you, dear friend of mine, will be filled with a sense of His closeness and His love for you. Remember, we are going home soon. Our best days are still to come.

With love and blessings,
John Carter

Our Carter Report Mission Projects

Girl in Manila


We’re planning a big citywide campaign to reach the lost for Christ. Working with local Christian leaders, we aim to shake Manila with the Gospel and the Three Angels’ Messages. The power will come from the Holy Spirit. We by His grace will be the humble instruments. Please join the team and make it possible.

Indian children


It’s too big to ignore. That’s why we are preaching on Indian TV, and providing care for Untouchable children. Please support us.

El Salvador Girl

El Salvador

With your help we are saving children from vicious gangs, and providing them with an education. We have established The Carter Report Scholarship program that is presently sponsoring 65 children. Please partner with us.

John Carter Preaching

The World

We broadcast around the world. We broadcast on the CW Network across America on 112 TV stations. Also on 3ABN, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, YouTube, and SAFE TV. John Carter preaches an uncompromisingly direct, plain, truth-filled, Christ-centered Message. Like Paul, some love him and some don’t. He doesn’t try to please people in authority. He wants to be faithful to God and save souls. Please stand with him.

When you give to The Carter Report, you are sowing in good soil. When you support The Carter Report, you are upholding old-fashioned family values. You are helping to save souls. You are helping to prepare a people to stand in the great day of God.

Please write to John Carter. Please give a gift that will make a real difference in someone’s life- NOW and for ETERNITY. When you send your gift, request my DVD, “The Cuba Report.” Thank you.

John Carter

Please mail your gift to:
John Carter
PO Box 1900
Thousand Oaks, CA 91358 USA
John Carter
PO Box 861
Terrigal, NSW 2260 Australia
Thank you in Jesus’ name. May God bless you abundantly.
September Newsletter First Page

September Newsletter First Page September Newsletter Last Page

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Exciting News Across America.

“To God be the Glory, great things HE has done.”

We never thought it possible, but our God is the God of the impossible. The Carter Report is taking a giant leap forward. This is much bigger than we had hoped for or even prayed for! We are about to start broadcasting on 112 NEW TV stations across America. Yes, that’s correct, 112 new television stations across the USA. We say, “Glory be to God! This is not our doing, it is the Lord’s!”

Viewers tell us our programs are different because they present strong Bible Truths, not just emotional hype. We humbly believe our programs are solidly BIBLICAL, PROPHETIC, CHRIST-CENTERED, AND GOSPEL FOCUSED. We look to Christ alone.

John Carter Preaching

These 112 new stations belong to a liberal network, yet they have approved our programs. Praise God!! The Carter Report is different. We are not preaching to please man, but to please God and save souls. Please support us. Our messages reach people who are crying out for truth in an age of lies, half-truths and propaganda. We move ahead in faith, trusting God to make up for our shortcomings.

Man Leaping

Just think of “our man in Las Vegas,” that great city of superficiality and sin. Our friend was brought up as an American Communist. Yes, there were Communists in America, and our friend had been indoctrinated in atheism. But he had a big hole inside, and when he saw our program he gave his life 100% to Jesus Christ. “Thank God,” he said, “For The Carter Report.”  Now we want to touch more hurting lost souls across America as we reach out on 112 new TV stations. Please support us, Jesus is coming!


Also, we are planning on running a huge citywide evangelistic campaign in the vast city of Manila, capitol of the Philippines. Please support us, Jesus is coming. We have no strength in ourselves. Our hope is in Christ alone. Our support comes only from God and supporters like you.

Preaching to a crowd

We live for Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus. Please dream big exciting dreams with us. Please help us raise a million dollars for the public proclamation of Christ. Please let God touch you and bless you. Jesus is coming!

You can see the full broadcast schedule by clicking the View Full PDF button at the top of the page. Our broadcast time is 11:00 a.m. Sunday mornings starting December 2, 2018, a really good time. It’s a miracle! Rejoice with us, and help us light a fire for Jesus. Please help us raise a million dollars for public evangelism. Please write today. You may also give online now by clicking here. Thank you in Jesus’ name.

Please send your urgently needed gift for evangelism to:
Pastor John Carter
The Carter Report
PO Box 1900
Thousand Oaks, CA 91358 USA

In Australia write to:
Pastor John Carter
PO Box 861
Terrigal, NSW 2260

We send love with His blessings,

John Carter
The Carter Report

PS Let us strike a blow for Jesus who is coming soon. Please help us raise a million dollars for public evangelism. Remember Jesus is coming and God loves you!

“Thanks Pastor Carter for sharing this wonderful news. Praise the Lord for opening more doors to share the Gospel! More people need to know God and His wonderful message. With this new way to reach out to the world, there is no doubt that the Lord will bless this evangelistic endeavor. Let’s keep lifting up Jesus Christ. He will draw many to Him.”

Velino A. Salazar
Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

When you send your gift, please request my DVD, “The Game Changers — Elijah.” When you request your FREE DVD, please quote this number: AGC1811-1812.*

* All gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible as defined by U.S. Treasury regulations. The fair market value of the DVD is $15.00 and all tax-deductible receipts will be in accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations. The DVD is a gift to you, but according to the tax-laws of the IRS is not tax-deductible. The market value is $15.00 and your receipt will reflect the tax requirements of the IRS.


September Newsletter First Page

Why the best days for Evangelism are still to come

September Newsletter First Page September Newsletter Last Page

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Q: Why do some church leaders say that public evangelism is finished?
A: Because it’s hard, it’s expensive, and it demands talent.

Q: Is public evangelism Biblical?
A: You had better believe it. The Christian church was started through public evangelism. Peter stood up and preached a great evangelistic sermon and thousands were converted.

Q: What about the program called “Friendship Evangelism”?
A: That is really quite silly. We should all be friendly by nature and share Christ. Friendship Evangelism is often a poor excuse for not doing the hard work of public evangelism or some other kind of dynamic evangelism.

Q: But isn’t Friendship Evangelism very successful?
A: No. The idea that everyone will win one is a pipe dream, without of course the pipe. The places where Friendship Evangelism is the main method of evangelism are dying out.

Q: Is everyone called to do public evangelism?
A: No, of course not. I know some very good evangelists who go from door to door sharing Christ. Pastor John Trim, mentioned in the Adventist Review, was a tremendous soul-winner who confessed his inability to do public evangelism. He was a mighty evangelist who won souls by knocking on doors. That’s hard work.

Q: Getting back to Friendship Evangelism, don’t you think there is a legitimate place for it?
A: Sure there is, but don’t tell me that being friendly as a Christian demands a special program or strategy. We all ought to be friendly. But my message is, “Stop killing public evangelism and public evangelists!”

Woman praying

Q: Should church leaders do evangelism?
A: If they are genuine leaders, they will. Just sitting behind a desk is not necessarily a demonstration of real leadership skills.

Q: You are a voice crying in the wilderness. On what do you base your beliefs?
A: Strange to say, but I follow the Bible. Try reading 1 Cor. 12 where Paul the Evangelist says that the work of the “missionary” is the most important gift. Here is the inspired passage:

“And God has appointed these in the church:
first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles,
then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues.”

— 1 Cor. 12:28

 “Apostles” is number ONE, and Administrations is number SEVEN. Ouch!

Q: Who is an Apostle?
A: The modern equivalent is “missionary,” a person on a mission to preach the Gospel and win souls. Apostle comes from the Greek word, “απόστολος ” that means one who is sent forth. If you spend your days behind a desk telling others what to do, you are not actually being sent forth.

Q: Are you putting down administrators?
A: Never, never, never. There would be chaos without capable administrators. But Administration without Apostles is a total disaster, and today we are killing off the public evangelists.

Q: Most folks in our church don’t like public evangelism. Why?
A: It’s hard work, relatively expensive, and gets us out of our comfort zone. Most church members do not want to be disturbed. I hope you are different.

Q: What happens when we give-up on public evangelism?
A: We become a whispering hope, and our churches become cantankerous and lazy. People have a tendency to fight each other when they engage in a lot of spiritual introspection. The Adventist Review says we are an endangered species.

Q: What should we do?
A: Don’t be brainwashed. Be a Gospel person. Be a Jesus person. Don’t be a weak conformist. Become involved in something greater than yourself.

Q: How many campaigns have you run that fizzed out?
A: By God’s grace, NONE. And I have run some of the biggest evangelistic meetings in recent times. Yes, with more people than they had at the opening of the Olympic Games and more people than attended the Beetles’ concert in America.

Q: I don’t believe it.
A: It’s true.

Thumbs up man

Q: Where are you going next?
A: Maybe the Philippines or Cuba. We have received invitations.

Q: Aren’t you tired? You are no longer a spring chicken.
A: Yes, I am often weary in God’s work but not weary of it.

Q: How can I help?
A: Come with me. Or at least support me with the funds I need to pay the bills. Do your giving while you’re living, so you’re knowing where it’s going.

Q: Who are your heroes?
A: In my book, my heroes are those people who made a real difference. I’m thinking of John Wesley, George Whitfield, Billy Graham, H.M.S. Richards, George Burnside, and Fordyce Detamore.

Q: Don’t you know you are a dying breed, an irrelevant minority? The influence today is with our institutions. Why don’t you get it?
A: They said the same about Jesus and the Apostles. The Bible says the whole earth will be lightened with His glory. Rev. 14:6-12 says that God’s final message will be preached around the world. It will be so public it is pictured as angels flying “in the midst of heaven.” That’s public evangelism. Why don’t you get it?

“Modern Christianity has been watered down
until the solution is so weak
that if it were poison
it would not hurt anyone,
and if it were medicine
it would not cure anyone!”

Well-known American preacher

Little girls

October 2018

Dear Friend,

John McCain was not a perfect man. But as you and I know, there are no perfect people. He was a strong, principled, outspoken individual with character and integrity, and we will miss him.

Almost everyone admired his courage and patriotism. He went through hell in the Hanoi Hilton. He was tortured by the Communists, but refused to accept early release unless his aircrew could go with him. So he stayed and endured great pain and suffering. He was a brave man with an enormous sense of decency and honor. The compliments that came from all sides at his funeral were a testimony that honor, duty, and country are not dead. He was a genuine hero. He was also America’s maverick. 

Mavericks like Senator McCain are needed everywhere today. Especially in the Church that so often encourages conformity and mediocrity. We are called to be mavericks for Jesus. Be all that Christ wants you to be. I believe God will have a very special place in Heaven for His mavericks, don’t you?
Now is the time to stand up for Jesus.

Blessings and love,
John Carter
The Carter Report, Inc.

“For by grace are you saved
through faith, and not of yourselves,

it is the gift of God.”
~ Eph. 2:8


Please send your gift to:
Pastor John Carter
The Carter Report
PO Box 1900
Thousand Oaks, CA 91358 USA

In Australia write to:
Pastor John Carter
PO Box 861
Terrigal, NSW 2260

You may also give online at

September Newsletter First Page
September Newsletter First Page September Newsletter Last Page

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Because God cares and you care, we share with you the following stories:



While relationships between the U.S. and Cuba have deteriorated, the hearts of the Cuban people remain receptive to Christ’s Gospel. Cuba is a Communist nation, but people have freedom of religion. WE CARE ABOUT CUBA. We are planning to conduct a large evangelistic campaign in the city of Santiago de Cuba. We are also planning to sponsor another TEN campaigns for Christ and truth in Cuba. Because God cares.


India is too big to ignore, a Hindu nation with a million gods. While it is against the law to publicly evangelize, it is still possible to preach the Gospel on television. God cares about India and He is keeping a door open. We are now on TV in India on primetime in a major city. We can and should expand our outreach before the authorities slam shut the door. God cares and we care, therefore we must do more for Christ in India.



God cares and we care for our youth. We know that millions of Millennials have been brainwashed with Darwinism that teaches that man is the result of a purposeless process. Thus, millions believe that life has no meaning. No wonder the suicide rate is so high. The Carter Report therefore produces programs that give serious, irrefutable evidence for the existence of a designing Creator. While many seem content to let the flood of unbelief sweep away millions of young people, The Carter Report is determined to produce TV programs that answer the challenge of the hour. Because God cares and you care, please stand with us for the sake our youth.


Three Boys

The place is El Salvador. Why do people want to escape Central America? Because of violent gangs that want kids dead or in their gangs. Because God cares, we are sending a group of 60 kids to a Christian Adventist school where they are safe. This is happening now, just outside San Salvador. These kids are beautiful and Jesus died for them. He cares and so do we.



  • $5,000.00 will run a local evangelistic campaign in Cuba.
  • $4,000.00 a month will keep boys and girls in school, safe from drug gangs and other predators.
  • $5,000.00 a week will keep The Carter Report on 3ABN, preaching Christ our Savior.
  • $10,000.00 a month will enable us to reach millions in India with the Gospel. It is still possible to buy time on Indian TV. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness.”


One candle seems so small but a thousand candles are like a blazing fire. Please help light a fire for God by supporting Pastor and Mrs. Carter and their courageous team of Gospel warriors.

God cares…

So do we

Please send your urgently needed gift for evangelism to:
Pastor John Carter
The Carter Report
PO Box 1900
Thousand Oaks, CA 91358 USA

In Australia write to:
Pastor John Carter
PO Box 861
Terrigal, NSW  2260

You may also give online at

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